Sunrise, Sunset

You will do foolish things, but do them with enthusiasm. —  Colette

Welcome to the start of something new.  Perhaps you are familiar with my previous blog, A Work in Progress.  If not, that’s okay.  I had been writing it for a little over a year when I was forced to make a change for technical reasons.  As I thought about the opportunity to start again, I looked over that body of work and found it didn’t sound much like me.  I began it primarily as a travelogue, with some slice of life thrown in between trips, but there was very little of what I recognized as my own voice.  I had edited myself clear out of it.  Sure the punctuation and grammar were pretty clean, but it was kind of boring.  What did this say about me and where else in my life was I editing what I showed to the world?  Well, everywhere, it would seem.

Thus began Shameless Enthusiasm.  I want to write without care for whether anyone thinks I use too many quotes or parenthetical asides or if my writing is goofy or my taste in music uncool.  (By the way, I love quotes, expect to see lots of them).  These were serious concerns for me in the past.  Maybe it seems silly, but I realized so many of us have these kinds of overly self-conscious behaviors.  And it a bummer, it’s no fun, it’s soul sucking.  Maybe you can relate.

I’ve always been a little sheepish about my fascination with self-help.  I find it reassuring to consider developing happiness or confidence or creativity like any other skill.  A common mantra in many self-help philosophies is “fake it ’til you make it.”  So while I may not always be shameless or enthusiastic, I will strive to be more genuine, less reticent.

My subject matter hasn’t really changed, but I’m hoping that, even if you were a loyal reader of my old blog (Mom), you will discover something new here.  And, don’t worry (Mom), Chloe will still be my best subject.

Onward, then.  As you probably already noticed, I am way, way behind on my posts.  We are in Charleston now and I have lots to share, so the posts  may pile up a bit over the next couple of days.  Also, this format is all new to me, I’m still tinkering with it, but I hope we will all like it better.  It will allow me to respond to your comments a little easier, making it more conducive to a conversation, so go ahead and try it out, even if you never did before, and tell me what you think.  There will also be new features popping up like email subscription (so you never miss a post) and a format especially for iPad.  Thanks for bearing with me while I figure it all out and I welcome feedback (as long as it’s positive).


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