Charleston Cooks…and so do we!

Those tongs are seriously coated in a layer of olive oil. But I’m trying to be cool about it.

On Thursday night, we attended a cooking class on grilling pizza at Charleston Cooks Maverick Kitchen Store.  We chose it because it was the first class with space available, but pizza is a subject dear to my heart.  We started making our own pizza (and by we, I mean Mark mostly) back during our 2007 cruise because, without a car available, it was difficult to pick one up and, in our experience, delivery people have a hard time finding the boat.  Either way, you end up with a cold pizza.  We stumbled upon some good homemade dough in a natural foods store on Block Island and we were back to eating pizza once a week.

The problem was we couldn’t always find good homemade pizza dough.  Mark tried making his own somewhat unsuccessfully.  Lately we’ve settled on the stuff from Publix.  And we use store-bought sauce.  So I guess we assemble pizza.  But still, it’s not delivery or DiGiorno, right?  Well, this class shamed that right out of us (in spite of my resoluteness on the matter).  From here on out, its fresh dough and marinara (mostly, I’m sure).

We had a great time, learned a lot actually and, when it was all through, got to eat all of our creations.  There was meat pizza, white pesto shrimp and a potato pizza for the lactose and tomato intolerant(?).  We even did some antipasti and a cookie dessert pizza.  I really meant to take a picture of the finished product, but by then I was so hungry, I forgot.  No worries, Mark had such a good time, he immediately signed us up for another class this Friday.  One of the best parts of the experience was using the fancy commercial appliances.  They have a microwave that magically senses how long a potato needs to cook and a range that turns itself on and off automatically to keep a pot warm.  Wonder if we can fit one of those on the boat?

If you find yourself in Charleston with some free time, I highly recommend taking a class. They even offer demonstration only, where the instructor does the heavy lifting and you just taste and drink wine.  What’s better than that?


11 thoughts on “Charleston Cooks…and so do we!

    • It’s only going to get worse. This week’s class is Low Country Cuisine: fried chicken, crab cakes and strawberry upside down cake. Mark’s going to need a wheelbarrow to get me home!

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