Great Bridge to Portsmouth

We stayed at the dock at Atlantic Yacht Basin in Great Bridge, VA until 11:00 am yesterday, while Mark completed his repairs and I worked on laundry.  Rain threatened as we prepared to leave the dock, but luckily held off until after we transited the Great Bridge Lock.  By the time we reached Portsmouth a couple of hours later, the temperature had dropped to the low 60s and the wind and rained increased, reaching a fevered pitch just as we made the approach to the dock at High Street Landing.  As you can see from the photo above, the sun appeared later in the afternoon and Mark positioned the solar panels to soak up the last bit of light, as we had no shore power.  Portsmouth offers free dockage in the basins where the Elizabeth River Ferries land, but there are no amenities, not that we’re complaining about free.

I’m no fan of the cooler weather, but as a consolation, we took the opportunity to use the oven and Mark made me a quiche, with a scratch crust and everything.  He’s becoming quite the pastry chef and I just can’t seem to shake those few extra pounds I picked up in Charleston.

We set off early this morning, heading for Tangier Island.  We stopped there on our southbound passage and it is a unique place.  I’m rushing to finish this post because, as we draw closer to Tangier, we will lose our cell phone signal, so no phone and no internet for a couple of days.  It’s kind of a relief, really.  Not that I won’t be searching for a signal as we head back out into the bay on Friday.


5 thoughts on “Great Bridge to Portsmouth

  1. It was chilly here last night down to 48 degrees, not good for the pool temperature! Swim in the Chesapeake before you come home it’s probably warmer!

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