Cruise to Nowhere

So I wrote yesterday that we were on our way to Tangier Island for two days, where we would be out of cell phone and internet range.  Yet, here I am.  And those of you who track our GPS location have no doubt noticed that we are not anywhere near Tangier Island.  Well, part of the charm of a place like Tangier is its refusal to follow convention.  More specifically, the “marina” there does not accept reservations, you just show up.  Chesapeake Bay Magazine’s Guide to Cruising Chesapeake Bay gives the following advice for procuring a slip:

“To inquire about slips, call out to anyone on the first pier to starboard, part of Parks Marina.”

While this method is elegant in its simplicity, sometimes other people showed up and hollered at somebody on the dock first.  You can see where I’m going with this.  We arrived in the harbor around 4pm to find no available space and no other viable options.  Mark opted to continue to our next scheduled stop for fuel, Solomons Island, on the western shore.  We arrived in the harbor at Solomons about 10:30pm and anchored for the night.  As a consolation, there was the lovely sunset pictured above.

We were at the fuel dock at 8am and back underway, arriving in Kirwan Creek, just south of Kent Narrows, around 4pm.  Some of you may remember, we stopped here last fall and I took a particularly spectacular photo of the sunset.  This time, as we were out launching the dinghy, we witnessed some unusual behavior by the local wildlife.

Any guesses as to what’s going on here?  (Suggested captions to this photo would be most welcome)  I chose, for no good reason, to see this as a good omen for a pleasant evening, we could sure use one.  And like this fine gentleman, I’m about to partake of some refreshing beverages to help ensure that is the case.

Tomorrow, it’s on to Chesapeake City.  Cheers!


8 thoughts on “Cruise to Nowhere

  1. When I saw the biggest guy get out of the boat and they handed him a beer, I knew we were on the Eastern Shore. When they left him there the potential scenarios increased. My suggested caption “If the crabs won’t take the chicken on the trot line maybe they will like this guy”

  2. The sunset is what I hope will remain in my memory. Fabulous! My caption for this fun loving waterman, ” I think I saw a mermaid who may love cheap beer.”

  3. OK, here’s my caption:

    “Sportsman’s Photography by Bubba

    Do you love the great outdoors and spend all your free time huntin’ and killin’ nature’s bounty? Now you can preserve those precious memories forever. There’s nothing Bubba won’t do to get the perfect shot of your big catch, even the one that got away. Call today for your free consultation (client is responsible for providing cold beer and Slim Jims at all scheduled appointments).”

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