The voyage continues…

“Here look through these binoculars, it will make the photo more interesting.”

The Freshmaker!

After a quick couple of weeks in Delaware and Mark’s multiple plane, train and automobile trips up and down the East Coast, we departed Cedar Creek on Wednesday.  Dad is along for a few days and has been taking a turn at the helm (or I should say my turn at the helm) while Mark is taking his afternoon nap.

The rest of the time, he entertains himself by feeding Chloë Mentos.  On a positive note, her breath is now minty fresh.

We stopped in Atlantic City last night, but no high rolling for us. After a shower and dinner, it was off to bed.  The captain had us off the dock by 6am.  The weather has been perfect, calm seas and just enough breeze to keep temperatures pleasant.  Tonight, we stop in Sandy Hook.


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