Hot Town, Summer in the City

On the Dog Watch

The rest of our trip from Atlantic City to Sandy Hook was so calm and beautiful, we were all able to enjoy a little time out on deck and let the autopilot do its thing.  Ever cautious, Chloë felt that someone should be in command of the watch and graciously took her turn.  After another long day at sea, we had dinner and an early night upon arriving at Atlantic Highlands Marina.

Friday morning began rainy and hazy as we headed out towards New York City.  The skyline was barely visible and the air was damp and cool until we passed under the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge.  The sun appeared just in time, as Mark brought us within a stone’s throw of the Statue of Liberty.  We continued through the harbor, rocked and rolled by commercial traffic and ferries buzzing past in every direction.  Into the East River, beyond Lower Manhattan and under the Brooklyn Bridge, helicopters came and went from riverside helipads.  As the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building came fully into view, a seaplane taxied from somewhere near the U.N Headquarters.  It turned toward us and began its takeoff, lifting out of the water just abeam of us in the channel.

By now, cold and damp had become very hot and humid, but we toughed it out until well past Roosevelt Island, when we finally retreated to the shade of the pilothouse.  By the time La Guardia Airport came into view, we were getting some relief from a light breeze from Long Island Sound.  We were at the dock in Port Washington, NY, on the North Shore of Long Island, early in the afternoon, but with the extreme heat, there was nothing to do but take advantage of the air conditioning for an afternoon nap.

Saturday’s run across the Sound was short and pleasant and we arrived in Stratford, CT around mid-afternoon.  Stratford is a town over from Bridgeport, so Mark bummed a ride from the marina to retrieve his truck.  We used our new-found mobility to go into Bridgeport for pizza at Two Boots, a Louisiana cajun themed pizza chain that started in the East Village of NYC.  It sounds weird, but it works.  It has become one of Mark’s regular dinners when he’s in Bridgeport on business and it did not disappoint. Afterward, Dad got the tour of Mark’s upcoming project and that’s all I’m going to say about that.

It was another early night because Dad was scheduled for an early train back to Wilmington on Sunday morning.  As we waited at the station, the train was mysteriously cancelled moments before its scheduled arrival.  A call to Amtrak revealed that the next train was full, so we decided to cut our losses on the day and rescheduled for Monday morning.  With that settled, we did our grocery shopping and returned to the boat.  Chloë was both confused and delighted, as she knows what it means when she sees someone leave with a suitcase.  At least, she thought she knew what it meant.  The rest of the day turned into a lazy Sunday and another good meal at home.

Today’s trip to the train station was a success and, I’m happy to say, Dad has arrived safely at home.  As I type this, Mark is in a meeting, the purpose of our stop in the scenic Bridgeport area.  Tomorrow morning bright and early, it’s off to Block Island!


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