I know the posts are coming a little fast today, but before I lose my internet connection offshore and we leave Block Island behind, I want to share a fun thing that non-boater visitors to Block Island don’t get to experience.  Every morning and afternoon, a boat comes through the mooring field and anchorage in Great Salt Pond from Aldo’s Bakery bringing coffee, pastry and fruit in the morning and snacks and desserts in the afternoon.  They announce their arrival by calling out, “Andiamo!” as they go from boat to boat, a tradition started by Aldo, Sr. 40 years ago.  When you hear them drawing near, you just go out and flag them down.  We have become loyal customers.  As you might imagine, Chloë is a big fan.  Certainly, Aldo’s creations are not improved by being driven around the harbor in 90% humidity, but it is just so cool to have delivery to the boat.  Talk about impulse shopping!

We went a little crazy the first day with a peach muffin and a cinnamon roll.  Enjoyed on subsequent days but not pictured, a raspberry cream cheese croissant, a cinnamon honey twist and a big bowl of fruit.

We only stopped them one afternoon and that’s probably a good thing.  We ended up with what they call a stuffed bread, which is like a giant calzone stuffed with salami, provolone and roasted red peppers and, for dessert, an entire blueberry pie!

Having identified us as regular customers and good tippers, they made a full circle around the boat the following afternoon, but we still had plenty of pie, so we resisted the urge.  A few moments later, Chloë went to the forward hatch and sniffed the air, then ran outside, but the magic pastry boat had already passed her by.  Luckily, blueberry pie is a good remedy for that kind of disappointment.


9 thoughts on “Andiamo!

  1. Well…….and I thought I was doing very well when my company sent me to an area where a WaWa was close to my work place….I feel Chole’s pain!!

    • Who is this, JR….Tom? Just kidding. You need to take Chloe with you, she’s a tracking hound (for hot dog stands and sandwich shops!) Thanks for the comment, don’t be a stranger. 😀

    • Chloe would like an answer to that question, too. She’s sure her take would have been a lot better with you around and there’s no way they could have gotten past us. (“How did I get stuck here with these cheap bastards?”) FYI – Chloe’s favorite Rockland Ferry Terminal Hot Dog Stand is now the “Thai Tugboat,” featuring pad thai. Bummer. 😡

  2. You can’t replace a “hotdog stand” with foreign food, that’s downright unamerican! Chloe would have faired much better if I were there. We would have gone on that boat with a bucket of money and made it a day!

    • Yes you two would have faired much better but I’m afraid my wallet wouldn’t. I am threatening to enter Chloe in the Rockland working boatyard dog contest this weekend. She and her mom look at me like I am crazy though whenever I mention it. I think it is the “working dog” part they don’t understand!

      • Chloe and I carry our own stash so you would come out unscathed, ask her who carries her to Ace Hardware so she can get a beef stick! They carry the high class beef stick!
        You need to separate “working boatyard” and “dog and all will be well…and get that damn hotdog stand back!

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