Excessive Hiking on Block Island

So I’ve told you about our impromptu hike on Wednesday and our hike along Clay Head Trail on Thursday.  Sounds like time for a day off, right?  Not exactly.  My over ambitious planning put us on the Greenway Trails on Friday, headed towards Rodman’s Hollow, a glacial outwash basin.  That sounds kinda cool, doesn’t it?  Now I’m not knocking Rodman’s Hollow, but let’s just say it was more pain, less gain than Clay Head.  The photo above sort of recreates one taken during our last trip to Block Island in 2007, only this time with donkeys!  Unfortunately, it was also the scenic highlight of our day.  The owners of this lovely property put a bench out along the fence for us to rest and enjoy the company of their horses, goats and chickens.  Meanwhile, the donkeys took a special interest in Chloë, coming out of the barn for a closer look.

We pressed on towards the hollow, stopping for lunch along the way.  We kept waiting for the panoramic vista promised by my Nature Conservancy map, but soon were down in the hollow, below sea level.  None of this proved to be very picturesque.  Our reward was a very steep, 200 foot vertical climb up the ridge to the trail that was our shortest path home.  And by shortest path home, I mean a two-mile walk along the road in the full afternoon sun.  Needless to say, I did not have happy companions.

Upon arriving back at the dinghy dock, Chloë nearly knocked some children off the dock getting aboard.  For the first time ever, she chose the shade of the dodger over a view of the harbor on the ride out.  Yes, I felt guilty.

Everyone seemed a little relieved when I lost my enthusiasm for hiking on Saturday.  Never mind it was because it was I was getting sick, they’ll take a break any way they can get it.  We departed Block Island on Sunday morning and anchored just outside the Cape Cod Canal, where I saw yet another fireworks show, this time out the porthole from bed.  This morning, my 48 hour bug has passed and we are on our way offshore, arriving in Rockland, ME tomorrow morning.


4 thoughts on “Excessive Hiking on Block Island

  1. Maybe this illness is your body and your hiking buddies saying we’ve had enough. Chloe loves the donkeys as well as the horses.

  2. I can attest that Kristie nearly broke Chloe and me. She wasn’t doing too well on Saturday herself. Hopefully we will ease back into the hiking in Acadia.

  3. I wish I were there we would hit them hills, I just wish it were a little warmer. Mark and Chloe look like You will need a wheelbarrow to get them back!

    • Right, it’s been a little chilly for your taste. Actually, this picture is still early on, they refused to wait any longer for lunch. They were really troopers, I kept giving them the option to turn back. Eventually, even I was wishing they had taken it, but don’t tell them that.

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