All Night Long – Gulf of Maine Edition

I am not a huge fan of overnight passages, but sometimes the benefit of getting somewhere quickly outweighs the inconvenience of losing a night’s sleep or forgoing a glass of wine with dinner, especially when you have a good, calm day like we had on Monday.  But the real payoff in going offshore and staying up all hours of the night is seeing things you normally don’t get to see.  For example, this pre-dawn shot of a tranquil ocean with a very bright Venus and Jupiter hanging low in the sky or the tangerine sunset from the night before.

Owls Head Lighthouse at the edge of Rockland Harbor

I was hoping to see some whales, as we passed near a marine sanctuary where they are commonly sighted.  We saw lots of spouts in the distance throughout the afternoon, but only two whales came close enough to actually see and they were still pretty far away.  To be honest, as much as I wanted to see them, I was a little trepidatious about something so large getting too close to the boat and I’m sure it would have been too much for poor little Chloe’s already rattled nerves.

We arrived in Rockland early Tuesday morning and anchored in the harbor.  We took Chloë ashore and stopped by the bakery at The Brown Bag for a loaf of bread and a chocolate raspberry square, which we ate immediately.

Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA with Rockland Harbor Breakwater Light in the distance.

Then we succumbed to exhaustion and spent the rest of the day napping, at least until cocktail hour.  In a celebratory mood, we started with a Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA that I have been hoarding since we received a four pack for Christmas.  It seemed appropriate, since we had returned to the land of the namesake of our favorite brewery.  Continuing in the spirit of decadence, Mark made buffalo bacon feta burgers on a slice of Anadama bread with sweet potato fries.  As you can see from the photo, there are three, one slightly smaller.

We came to the dock on Wednesday morning, in time for an outrageous breakfast at Home Kitchen Cafe.  Mark had an omelet, literally stuffed with three kinds of meat, potatoes and cheese.  I had a frittata with potatoes, sautéed onions, Asiago and cheddar cheeses.  These are my kind of people, not afraid to stuff anything with potatoes.  Oh, and we had a side of potatoes.  Yeah, and I forgot, we started with a big cinnamon bun.  We needed extra fuel to get us to the grocery store and, later, back into town for a hot dog at Wasses.

This morning, we had breakfast at The Brown Bag, blueberry pancakes and cinnamon swirl french toast.  And a side of potatoes, of course. They have really good breakfast here in Rockland, what can I say? Again, we needed the extra fuel for the many chores we’ll need to complete before we leave tomorrow for Mount Desert Island and the hiking trails of Acadia National Park.


8 thoughts on “All Night Long – Gulf of Maine Edition

  1. The photos are wonderful. Definitely worth being up all night. However, I’m getting a little concerned about all those wonderful breakfasts. Do you have room for a little old grey headed lady next trip. I love breakfast. Have a wonderful trip.

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