Somes Harbor Sunset

After almost a year of traveling the East Coast, this continues to be one of my favorite places.  It is peaceful, most of the time.  It is a place of abundant natural beauty, but with the fickle Maine weather, the view is constantly changing.  If you’re paying attention, there’s always something to see.

We have a family of harbor seals that commutes through the harbor each morning in search of breakfast and, afterward, it’s not unusual to see one bobbing at the surface checking things out.  But seals are elusive, like dolphins: fun to watch, hard to photograph.  There’s a mama duck, with a very large brood of tiny ducklings, that can often be seen passing by the boat.  We are awakened every morning, a bit too early, by the distinctive call of the loon.  Yesterday morning, as I was coming out for coffee, I noticed a loon swimming right outside the window.  I grabbed my camera to sneak outside for a photo, but Mark suggested I take one first through the window, in case I scared him away.  I did and then started outside to get a better shot when I noticed the harbor seals on their morning swim.  I ran around on deck trying to get something, but ended up with only surface splashes.  It wasn’t until later that I noticed something extra in the first photo of the loon I had taken out the window.


3 thoughts on “Somes Harbor Sunset

  1. Isn’t it true there’s always something to see anywhere? We just need to pay attention. Your followers are really enjoying all the great photos.

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