Foggy Day on Eliot Mountain

There was still thick fog on Tuesday morning, but I was hopeful that we would get some clearing in the afternoon, so we pressed on with an easier hike than the previous day.  Eliot Mountain (445′) is mostly wooded, which means there aren’t really any views from the summit and that’s okay because we couldn’t have seen anything anyway.  One clearing, just south of the summit, that should have looked out over the water was completely obscured by fog.  So, I wasn’t really in the picture-taking mood, as we maneuvered along the soggy trail, in and out of light rain.  But, as we descended the north side of the mountain, the air began to dry, as Mark predicted it would.

We started on to Asticou Trail towards Jordan Pond and came across this cute little bridge.  I don’t know if you can tell, but Chloë was not happy about staying on the bridge to get her picture taken.  We turned onto the lower section of Penobscot Mountain Trail and found the largest pine tree I’ve ever seen.  We then did a short section of carriage road that hugged the cliffs of Penobscot Mountain and crossed one of the beautiful stone-faced bridges.  Still, no view, only fog.  Then down the lower part of Spring Trail to Jordan Pond House, where we caught the bus.  Overall, it was a nice, if damp, little walk in the park (about 4 miles).

So, how do we have the energy to do all this hiking, you ask?  As always, we eat well and we drink well, at home and on the trail.  The only way I can get Mark and Chloë on the trail is to pack a hearty lunch.  While we’ve been in Mount Desert, we’ve been lucky to visit the weekly farmer’s markets to get great local cheeses and some yummy summer sausage that packs well.  We’ve also gotten fresh local raspberries and strawberries.  Before we left Rockland, Mark picked up some fresh rhubarb at the grocery store, so after our first visit to the farmer’s market he made a wonderful raspberry rhubarb pie.

Earlier in the week, we still had some anadama bread from the Brown Bag in Rockland, so Mark decided to make french toast and bacon for dinner.  Breakfast for dinner is always good, but leaves me with the question, “what kind of beer goes good with french toast?”  While we were in Delaware, we bought a bottle of one of Dogfish Head’s latest efforts, Urkontinent, so we gave it a try.  It’s a dark Belgian style with lots of exotic ingredients representing all the continents (in the spirit of the now-on-hiatus Pangaea, one of my favorites).  The verdict: it’s got some slightly sweet, malty coffee notes that actually make it an excellent breakfast beer.  That being said, it was good, but probably not “hoard in the cellar” good.  As always, when we try a new beer, I have to do the scenic picture of the bottle thing.  Chloë decided to help me out.  What’s more scenic than that?


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