Penobscot Mountain, Part 3 – What Goes Up, Must Come Down

Overlooking Jordan Pond

South Bubble, Pemetic Mountain and Cadillac Mountain

A little over a quarter-mile from the summit of Penobscot, we came to this clearing atop Jordan Cliffs. We stopped to admire the breathtaking view of Jordan Pond and the mountains to the east.

From there, the trail dropped down steeply in some places, but nothing more difficult than we had encountered on other trails. In a couple of spots, Mark had to lower Chloë down by her harness, but she is completely unfazed by this now. They have become such a well-oiled machine that she is often waiting at the bottom before I can turn on the camera.  I never leave my camera over my shoulder during the trickier sections because I’m certain that either the camera or I will end up broken. In the heat of the moment, I’m not sure I would overcome the instinct to save the camera.

At Jordan Cliffs Trail junction, there was a sign warning of the dangers of steep cliffs and narrow ledges but, thankfully, we were going in the other direction and managed to bypass the more dangerous parts.  We met some people huffing and puffing up the trail and they confirmed that they would not want to go back down that way.

At Deer Brook Trail, we continued down, crossing the mostly dry brook a couple of times and passing another of the stone bridges before arriving at the western shore of Jordan Pond.  We followed the Jordan Pond Trail around the north side to a section we hadn’t done before and found some evidence of beavers, right along the path.  I don’t think Chloë really grasped what she was looking at.  It was amazing to look across the pond at the cliffs where we were standing less than an hour earlier.

Following the trail around the base of the South Bubble, we made our way to the Park Loop Road to catch the bus. Later that evening, we finally got those margaritas we had talked about seven hours earlier when things started to go wrong. I wouldn’t necessarily have guessed it then, but we toasted a perfect ending to a spectacular couple of weeks.


4 thoughts on “Penobscot Mountain, Part 3 – What Goes Up, Must Come Down

  1. How about those beavers? They never need dental work because they floss with a tree. The scenery sure is beautiful, never gets old.

  2. Of course I grasped what I was looking at. I’ve been grasping for weeks and I’m ready for some down time. Although I have to admit, all this hiking has certainly helped me to maintain my ladylike figure. Love, Chloe P.S. Can we have pizza tonight?

    • Hey there, Chloe! I didn’t know you had your own email address. Sorry, I didn’t mean to suggest that you didn’t have an appreciation for the things we see and, yes, you are doing a better job of maintaining your figure than me. We’ll have to talk to the pizza man about dinner, but I’m with you. Thanks for the comment.

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