Losing My Way

Portland Head Light guiding us on our departure of the Maine Coast.

“Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday.”  ~  Don Marquis

I’ve finally finished up with Acadia National Park. There is so much about that part of the trip I wanted to share and so much more we didn’t have time to do but, if you’ve read everything up until now, you already know how I feel about it.  The truth is, we left there weeks ago. For some of you, that doesn’t really matter, but for those of you who read this because you want to know where we are, I’m way far behind. I wanted to give our treasured memories the proper treatment in presenting them to you, but in doing so, I have done what I vowed not to do. I’ve taken myself too seriously. Every post must be an epic and, as a result, they never get done. Today, I break that pattern. Again.

On Thursday, when I started this post, we departed Maine. It was very bittersweet. We had waited five years to return and made good use of our five-week visit. But, as the summer wanes, it will get cooler. Lately, we had begun to feel plagued by fog, typical Maine weather, for sure, but it was certainly starting to dampen my enthusiasm for the place (forgive the pun). So, as things tend to do, our visit to Maine reached a natural conclusion. I have plenty more pictures and experiences from our time in Maine to share but, once again, I feel the need to jump to the present, to get it on paper, so to speak.

We are currently in Newburyport, MA. It is a bustling little tourist town, with a decidedly upscale feel to the fairly extensive business district and harbor walk. Located on the Merrimack River, the current is often quite swift, so a popular pastime is to watch boats docking at the city dock. I’m pleased to report that our approach was well-timed and of little entertainment value. We have managed to find good margaritas and coffee drinks, so all is well. In a couple of days, we will make our way to Boston, which will no doubt provide plenty of material and distractions to further confuse the issue. Now, there’s a high quality problem. In the meantime, we will be revisiting Maine and I promise more enthusiasm, less procrastination. Cheers!


6 thoughts on “Losing My Way

  1. Keeping up with yesterday would be great. Most of the time I’m weeks behind. The lighthouse shot is very Americana complete with our flag flying.

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