Freedom Trail, Part 1

The gold dome of the Massachusetts State House from across Boston Common

So, regardless of what yesterday’s post may have suggested, we did do more than eat and drink during our stay in Boston. Neither of us had done the Freedom Trail and it was so close, it was at the top of my must do list. It was a good introduction to the city and we had great weather all week. Plus, Chloë could join us. The only downside to taking Chloë along was we weren’t able to tour any of the sights. On the other hand, she kept Mark from being dragged through a bunch of churches and graveyards, so whether it was a good or bad thing depends on who you ask.

The trail begins at Boston Common, the country’s first public park. Along this part of the trail, we passed King’s Chapel, the first Anglican Church in New England, originally constructed in 1686, and its adjacent burial grounds dating back to 1630. After that it was Ruth’s Chris and Chipotle, then the Old State House, which is near the site of the Boston Massacre and is now also a subway stop. I mean, the building houses a transit station, not that they make meatball subs there, just to clarify. I can see how that might be confusing. Anyway, we ended the day at Paul Revere’s House because it was the closest stop to the boat. Chloë had enough history for the day.


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