Oh, Hell No!

Snow sucksIt was bound to happen, but I just allowed myself to believe otherwise. I’ve lived on this boat many years now and it hasn’t been all pina coladas and flip-flops, but SNOW?! The fireplace is for getting toasty on a chilly Maine evening in August, not survival from freezing to death. It’s just all wrong. Wrong, I tell you. Wrong. That is all.

(Note: Mark took this picture because I refuse to go outside. Obviously.)

(Note: Of course, Mark has not put me in danger of freezing to death. Perhaps, I exaggerate for dramatic effect. Sorry, Mark. But it’s still wrong.)



10 thoughts on “Oh, Hell No!

  1. For those of you that may be wondering…in addition to the fireplace (to which most people would respond ‘ you have a fireplace on a boat!, cool!) I recently installed a diesel fired 12 volt hydronic furnace that heats and circulates water thru out the boat for heat. Kristie’s bathroom even has its own heat source with a manual override so you can heat it up nice and toasty when it is time to shower. There is individual zone control for all three cabins (even Pat & Tom’s room has its own heat and zone control). For redundancy there is also full electric heat in the boat, so even when a part on the new furnace failed out of the box I still had plenty of heat while they shipped me a replacement. FYI, I now also have a full set of critical spares for the furnace. My next addition to the system will be a zone to heat the floor in our aft cabin since it is next to the hull and gets a little chilly from the 40 degree water outside the hull.

    So nobody needs to worry, the princess will be kept warm.

  2. If you were here it would snow on you tomorrow’ “Winter Storm Watch for Central and Southern Delaware 2″ to 6” possible! Snow can ki$$ my a$$!

  3. Rosie would be on her way there to enjoy the snow with you, but, alas, she must head south to the warmth of southern FL! Don’t worry, Tom. The forecasters here are never right. All that white stuff will more than likely be south of us. ( Fingers crossed! )

  4. Sounds like Mark is doing his best to keep you warm. Rosie’s the only one I know that likes snow and probably if she had to endure it more than 3 days, she too would be out of sorts. Buck up and put on your big girl panties. It can’t last forever.
    Love and miss you

  5. Aunt Helen
    It is Monday at 8:20pm. I just took Meredith out side. It is snowing like crazy. It does not make me a happy camper. I think we need to win the lottery and get out of Dodge. Please take care of yourself and Mark or the other way around. Love Helen

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