Again with the snow?

Snow day

Looks like fun, right?  Don’t kid yourself.  Chloë made the best of a novel situation, as I cleared off the driveway this afternoon. Snow creates lots of new smells, apparently. But Chloë and I agree that a little snow goes a long way. This is the first winter since she was a baby that we have been north of Lake Okeechobee. I’m sure all that snow stuck to her lip has reminded her why.

Snowy Chloe


8 thoughts on “Again with the snow?

    • She has snow boots and you should see her when wears them, you would think her feet were on fire! She doesn’t like anything that would restrict her feet because much like Snoopy and her Pop Pop when we gotta dance we don’t want nothin’ holding us back!

  1. Well, we are due for some snow but it will probably be several inches and we always hope it will stop on the mountain and not come down to South Fork. Since my 3 dogs like snow they don’t care. We are in a Spring thaw for the last few days but that is due to change. Did Mark get snow at the boat too?

    Hope your weather changes for the good, Pat

    • We got another couple of inches on Friday and Mark has been getting snow when we do, but not as much. For some reason, the snow seems to be following me, the same way hurricanes seem to follow him! We are expecting some temps in the 50s and 60s this week, but not before another bout of wintry mix tomorrow. Is it April yet?

  2. I don’t like snow….not even on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day…..I am in New Hampshire for work and it isn’t warm enough to snow…….imagine that!!! I think we should all go to Key West in March?? Man’s best friend and relatives do NOT need boots!!!

    • I don’t like snow, especially on Christmas. And I think we should go to Key West until March! Do you know how many pairs of flip-flops you can buy for the cost of a pair of snow boots? Or better yet, how many beers you can get if you just buy one pair of flip-flops with that money? I can’t afford to live here!

  3. Sure, Chloe is cute in her little purple jacket but we really don’t need to see snow to appreciate her fashion statement. I am for heading south as well.

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