In The City

Grand Central

This is a fun little project for me. I started it so my people could keep up with me: where I was, what I was doing. It is also a record of our travels and our life and it is a creative outlet for me. I have heard many wonderfully kind things from you about my photographs. But most of you are family and friends, it’s your job to say nice things to me. In reality, any success I’ve had in photography has been more a testament to modern camera manufacturing than to my technical abilities.

Never content to let things be, Mark is always claiming I have potential. During our years together, he has pushed me to do many, mostly small, things outside my comfort zone, “for my own good.” And, of course, it has always resulted in me growing as a person, developing self-confidence, yadda, yadda, yadda.

In this instance, he felt my enjoyment of photography would increase if I knew more about it than the location of the shutter button. I’m sure he’s right, I’m often frustrated by not getting the result I wanted, but I’m lazy. So he bought me an even more complicated camera than the one I already don’t know how to use and put my ass on a train to Manhattan every week for photography classes. Tuesday was my first class and, despite my trepidation, it went very well. Once again, Mark’s brand of against-my-will character building is working (love you, Mark).

Our homework assignments include taking photos, obviously. As I was waiting for the train in Grand Central, I thought I would get started. These are the first photos I took following my class and they may not make the final cut, I have until Tuesday to get everything I need. I will ultimately have to share them in class, so I decided to share them with you first. Please bear in mind, this is a very introductory class, our first task is simply to get a proper exposure, that’s all. That said, I think they turned out okay.

For those of you who joined us on our more recent voyages, I invite you to join me now on this journey from sometimes lucky photographer to maybe better photographer. It’s bound to be an adventure.



6 thoughts on “In The City

  1. They look great to me. I always thought your photos were great.
    Enjoy your new experience and I hope you don’t get the 3 feet of snow that’s predicted for New England. Miss you.

  2. These photos are certainly a different scenery than we are use to seeing from your travels. I am sure your “fans” are anxious to see what art works come from this newest adventure. I can’t wait to see the next shots!

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