Beagle in Black & White

Chloe in Black & White edit

Ah, my muse! Looks pretty good, huh? Wish I could take total credit for it. One thing I forgot to mention in yesterday’s post is none of those photos were edited, except for some minimal cropping. This one, however, has had a bit of post-processing. Here is the original:

Chloe in Black & White

Still good, but it loses some of the detail around her eyes. The exposure was correct for the overall shot, but because she is backlit, I should have adjusted the metering mode to assess the exposure specifically in the area near her eyes, the focal point of this shot (although I think the beagle nose is cute, too).

See, I learned something already! And, I still got a pretty good photo, even if I didn’t accomplish what I intended.

For those of you wondering, the snow started here in southern CT around 7am and began accumulating rather quickly. The wind is beginning to pick up and we probably have three to four inches, but if the forecast is correct, it will all continue to get worse through the night. Sigh. On the bright side, we are well stocked with snacks and lots of really good beer.


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