Winter Storm Nemo – The Recap

Chloe Adrift


Has it really been two weeks since Winter Storm Nemo dropped a bomb on us? We’ve had a lot going on since then. The snow is slowly making its departure, with some travel lanes in town still partially obscured by piles that have now melted and refrozen multiple times into blocks of filthy ice. Yay!

In the days after the storm, travel was challenging. Metro North trains were running a limited schedule by Tuesday, in time for my photography class in the city, and Mark navigated the narrow, often single lane streets, to get me to the station. Back at the marina, the pipe that delivers fresh water to the dock had frozen during the storm, providing Mark with yet another delightful outdoor chore.

Prior to the storm, Mark ordered a new washer/dryer for the boat, which was scheduled to arrive on Friday the 8th. Needless to say, we did not take delivery until the following weekend and, upon completion of the installation, the unit suffered catastrophic infant mortality. That issue is still being resolved. Around the same time, I started to develop a little cough. Mark couldn’t bear to be left out and we soon found ourselves drowning in sea of dirty tissues and despair. We are well stocked in ginger ale and self-pity.

More to the point, for those of you who have been wondering what it looked like once Mark dug us out beyond the dock, here you go.






5 thoughts on “Winter Storm Nemo – The Recap

  1. All I can say is damn! No wonder you guys are sick, I would say that you were worn to a frazzle (medical term)! Where was Chloe going in the picture where she seems to be on top of the snow swimming?

  2. I am so jealous. While I was suffering in the boring, sunny heat of the Florida Keys, you got to be in a great monster
    snow storm. smile But, isn’t it beautiful! smile I know, I know. I’m crazy. And, I am sure my name has been taken in vain several times during this snow that I am always wishing upon me and everyone else. But, do you still love me?
    Love you always. Rosie the Snow Queen (or perhaps, Snow Witch…)

  3. I am not jealous. I am so happy Mark was looking out for you and Chloe. It will be Spring someday soon, I promise. Bad weather, ie snow is never pretty that long.

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