Chloe, CEO

Chloe, CEO

It seems like I just started, but Tuesday was my last photography class. Despite the weather’s best efforts to thwart me, I made it every week and squeezed as much out of the experience as possible. I got to hang out with some old friends and got to know New York a little better, a longtime aspiration of mine. I am the proud owner of a MetroCard and several iPhone apps to help me navigate the subway and Metro-North while pretending to have a clue. At least, I hope so. I do regret not taking more photos while I was in the city, but the weather was absolutely abysmal each week and drinking beer in a cozy tavern won out every time.

I learned a lot and have more to practice, but I feel much more comfortable with my camera now and don’t think I would go back to shooting Auto, unless I was in a big hurry. It will be a while before it all becomes second nature, but I’m willing to give it a try and hope to see some improvement in my skills to keep me motivated. I admit that I am a fair-weather photographer and going out to shoot this time of year is rarely appealing to me. On occasion, I have stayed outside working on my homework until I couldn’t feel my fingers, but Chloë has done most of the work as model for my assignments.

Earlier this week, we went to Mark’s office and took advantage of the exotic locale for some new shots. I have included the best here for your enjoyment.


8 thoughts on “Chloe, CEO

  1. Heidy Klum has nothing over Chloe. Is Chloe charging by the hour for modeling, or is she donating her time to help an up and coming young Photographer? I predict you both will become famous. And, just remember, we knew you when you two were just a bright, pretty woman and a gorgeous pooch. Love ya both. Rosie and George

  2. Maybe your new skills will help us look younger????? I love the shots. Mark is probably delighted you have Chloe as a model. Otherwise who??? Missing you and hoping you’ll be joining us soon.

    • Thanks, June, but I’m not studying to be a magician. We’re all gorgeous anyway, so what are you worried about? I’ll brush up on my Photoshop, just in case.

  3. I am betting Chole is looking out the window at the snow and thinking how nice it is to be inside a nice big warm office.

    • Something like that. The office is on the 16th floor, right next to the train station and I-95, so I’m guessing she doesn’t know quite what to think about what she sees out that window.

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